Nope, didn't mean to imply that; it works fine the way you structured
it. I was speaking of system variables generally, not picking on
<$Volnum>. (The original post was related to carrying the Doc Title
forward by embedding the contents of a tag in a system variable;
that's the methodology to which I was referring.)

But that route isn't an option for me, or I suspect many people,
because $Volnum is already in use as a Volume/Part/Section counter. If
you need to auto-number something, you have to use system variables
(As the name of $Volnum implies.) and there's a lmited number of them.
So I always use User Variables for text-handling such as book titles,
product names, model numbers, company names, and so on. If I need
another one, it's always available -- no limit on the number of them,
so far as I know.


On 1/30/06, Peter Gold <peter at> wrote:
> Art, can you elaborate on what's problematic with the Volume Number
> system variable?
> I do understand that if you set it to text, rather than numeric, you
> forgo auto-numbering of the volume.
> Your comment seems to imply that there's a bug or some other kind of
> unreliability.
> At 10:19 AM -0500 1/30/06, Art Campbell wrote:
> >Sure, it's easy, but you need to "load" the variable once for for each
> >book. And you're trying to use a system variable, which is unlikely to
> >work and hard to do. User variables are  a snap.
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