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Many people have discussed the idea of using variables or <$volnum> to drive 
the title of a book into multiple files. There are benefits and drawbacks to 
each and I'll leave that method alone for now.

(as an aside, if you do a lot of importing of variables--or any formats--check 
into http://www.frameexpert.com/plugins/importformatsspecial/index.htm for a 
great utility)

What I often do is build the title in a file, such as "cover.fm" and then build 
a folder structure along the lines of the following example:








Each file for each nation is based on the same template. In the template I view 
the master pages and in the footer/header of each page I place an xref to the 
BookName paragraph that I put into the cover. Then all I ever need to do is 
update cover.fm and update xrefs. In doing so I get a fully dynamic link that 
jumps to the cover (should I need that) and I also get a complete and dynamic 
way to update the title.

Hope that helps as well.

I'll demonstrate that in the presentation I do at the DITA conference to anyone 
who wants to see it. Additionally, I'm doing a whole set of online training 
sessions include some on template development in which I will show this. For 
details, see:

You can follow links from there.


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