At 11:50 -0400 10/4/07, Art Campbell wrote:

>There isn't a lot of white space in the container around the rule on
>the Ref Page, is there?
>No chance there's any other container there, maybe an empty/invisible one?

I've just pulled it apart, and, sadly, no. 'Sadly' because it would have been a 
good explanation.

>If it looks clean, I'd try the Wash-to-MIF maneuver just to make sure
>that the file isn't corrupted (the original text is clean? not a Word

Oh no! Word... sheesh. (When I first read 'the original text is clean', I 
thought you were referring to my language ;-).

The only vaguely unusual feature is that this is the title of a bullet list 
that's sitting inside a one-column one-row table, but I'm pretty sure that the 
bug used to manifest itself with this para tag even before I rejigged the 
template to put the list in a table.

It's 30 chapters, and it's got to go off today, so I'm just going to live with 
it at the moment, but I would like to find out what's going on, particularly as 
it's intermittent and always catches me off guard.


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