You said that your numbered paragraphs are in "text boxes".
Do you mean text frames? These won't be in the same text flow
as your regular text. Therefore that might account for any

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> I am having a problem numbering figures in service manuals 
> developed by my client. The manuals are range from 3- to 40 
> pages. My job is to revise the client's existing manuals to 
> account for annual updates and design changes for each of my 
> client's products. We are both using FrameMaker 7.0 on a PC 
> platform and a Windows XP operating system..
> Figures are automatically numbered using a Figure tag for 
> which the automatic numbering format X:Figure <n+> (developed 
> by the client). Most are smaller in-column figures with a 
> ruling line around the figure frame. In previous versions of 
> the manuals, the client had placed the figure numbers outside 
> the frame, but now they have asked me to move them inside the 
> frame, so I set up a text box inside the graphics frame and 
> tag the text as Figure. What happens is that many times, 
> figure numbers will repeat themselves. For example, I may 
> have three or four consecutive figures numbered as Figure 4, 
> followed by Figure 5 and two figures numbered as Figure 6. 
> All text is part of the same flow. The only way I have found 
> to correct it is to override the automatic numbering with a 
> specific figure number, which of course defeats the purpose 
> of auto numbering.
> The manual I am currently working on has 30 figures. I 
> created the last 6 or 7 and inserted the text box for the 
> figure. When I tagged the text the numbers for each figure 
> was identical. I also noticed in making cross-references that 
> the figure numbers in the tag list were not in sequence. 
> Example Figure 9 appeared before Figure 8.
> The only items automatically numbered in the manuals are page 
> numbers in a footer on the underlying page and the figure 
> numbers. Is it necessary to set up the automatic numbering 
> format as X:Figure <n+>< =0>?
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