At 09:36 -0600 15/2/07, Michael D. Conner wrote:

>Sometimes, however, I've seen problems with figure numbers not incrementing
>correctly. It seems to occur because the text frame with the caption is not
>quite correctly placed within the anchored frame. I can cure this by cutting
>the text frame, selecting the anchored frame, and pasting the text frame
>back in.

I have used the system described extensively without the problems described, no 
matter how much copying and pasting of figures I do. I guess I've been lucky.

As I understand it, the issue is: to which flow does a text frame that does not 
have a flow tag, but lies within an anchored frame that itself lies within a  
flow that does have a flow tag, belong? I had trouble with this sentence, so I 
guess FrameMaker might have trouble with the set-up.

However, clearly you don't want to be giving text frames inside anchored frame 
their own flow tags, or all hell would break loose. Or would it?


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