Howard Rauch wrote: 

> Figures are automatically numbered using a Figure tag for 
> which the automatic numbering format X:Figure <n+> (developed 
> by the client). Most are smaller in-column figures with a 
> ruling line around the figure frame. In previous versions of 
> the manuals, the client had placed the figure numbers outside 
> the frame, but now they have asked me to move them inside the 
> frame, so I set up a text box inside the graphics frame and 
> tag the text as Figure. What happens is that many times, 
> figure numbers will repeat themselves. For example, I may 
> have three or four consecutive figures numbered as Figure 4, 
> followed by Figure 5 and two figures numbered as Figure 6. 
> All text is part of the same flow. The only way I have found 
> to correct it is to override the automatic numbering with a 
> specific figure number, which of course defeats the purpose 
> of auto numbering.

Don't put the figure caption in a text frame inside your anchored frame
-- as Winfried noted, that puts it in a different text flow. 

You can get the same effect by using a table to hold both the figure
caption and the anchored frame. You can use a single-cell table or put
the caption in one cell and the frame anchor in another. Turn off the
ruling line on the anchored frame and use table ruling settings to
create the "box" around both the caption and the figure. 

You'll have to experiment with the table format and the pgf formats to
get the spacing/alignment right. If you use two cells, save the table
format with the correct pgf in each cell (caption and anchor). Then,
each new instance of the table you create will be ready to go with those

If you use a single cell, either anchor the frame in the caption pgf or
set the caption pgf's Next Pgf Tag to the anchor pgf. Then, you can just
type the caption text, press enter to create the anchor pgf if needed,
and then press Esc f i f to import the graphic. 


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