Shenton, David (DTRN) wrote:
> Hi all
> Here is what I'm trying accomplish, simply place annotations around
> graphics imported into an anchored frame and have the font and size
> automated. 
> I have noticed that the these annotations pick up on the last font used,
> for instance, my para 2 has DIN fonts when I place the annotation around
> the graphic it should be Palatino but comes as a DIN. 
> How can I automate this so every time it uses the correct font for the
> annotation and does not reflect the last font used. 
> Using FrameMaker 7.1
> At the moment I'm fixing this manually


Your description is a little vague, but I'm going to guess that when you 
say "place annotations around graphics" that you actually mean that you 
are using the text line tool *inside* the anchored frame, as opposed to 
creating a caption in your text flow, outside but in the vicinity of the 

If that's the case, I'd suggest you use the text frame tool instead. The 
text line tool does not allow you to use pgf tags. The text frame tool 
does allow you to apply pgf tags, as well as borders and fill colours, 
which can be useful if you want to layer the annotation on top of a 
graphic and have enough contrast to read it.

When you create a text frame, FM will ask how many columns you want (a 
bit of an irritation in this context) and will then put an end-of-flow 
mark in the frame, tagged with your default body text tag. If you've set 
up your pgf tag names carefully (with unique abbreviations or initial 
strings), it's easy enough to press F9 and a couple of letters to apply 
your annotation tag. My habit is to complete the first annotation and 
then copy/paste the text frame where I need others; then simply select 
the text and type the new content. This method avoids the 
how-many-columns irritation and saves the step of applying the pgf tag 
and other attributes like border or fill.


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