The easiest solution to slow book updates is to take a minute
to use the Open All Files in Book command to open everything
*before* you start doing book-level updates. Simply hold down
Shift before pulling down the File menu, and you'll see that all
the familiar single-file commands have changed to operate on 
"all files in book".

Just remember that you'll need to save all the files after doing
the book update to refresh the page numbering and paragraph
numbering as stored in the files.

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I inherited a book with 35 files and 160 pages. When I update
the book (or rename a file or update the file info etc.), this
takes 1 to 2 minutes. That's _much_ longer than similar books.
Printing, however, is normal. There aren't excessive numbers
of cross-references in there. Only lots of tables. Everything
is on my local drive.

I already checked the MIF file. Nothing uncommon.

Does anyone know why the book update takes such long? It seems
as if each file in the book would be opened _very_ often.

Probably the fastest would be to just recreate the book ...

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