Wow, that was fast. Klaus M?ller's comment helped.
I switched off all APIs in the maker.ini file
([Preferences] API=Off). Then the update took only
5 to 10 seconds. After I switched all APIs on again
and restarted FrameMaker, the book update took still
only 5 to 10 seconds. Problem solved.

I do not know which of the few APIs I have installed,
caused this. Anyway, now I know what to do when that
happens again.

Thank you very much also to all the others who tried
to help (Dave Shenton, Fred Ridder).

Best regards


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> Hi,
> I inherited a book with 35 files and 160 pages. When I update
> the book (or rename a file or update the file info etc.), this
> takes 1 to 2 minutes. That's _much_ longer than similar books.
> Printing, however, is normal. There aren't excessive numbers
> of cross-references in there. Only lots of tables. Everything
> is on my local drive.
> I already checked the MIF file. Nothing uncommon.
> Does anyone know why the book update takes such long? It seems
> as if each file in the book would be opened _very_ often.
> Probably the fastest would be to just recreate the book ...
> Best regards
> Winfried

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