Although MacOS X has UNIX underpinnings, the difficult
stuff relating to user interfaces, font access, output,
etc. is all exclusive to MacOS X and has no real similarity
to Solaris, the other platform on which FrameMaker is still
supported (other than Windows). And of course, you have
differences in processor instruction sets (Sun's processors
versus Gx or Mactel).

        - Dov

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> It is possible I'm wholly clueless here. Although
> rare, it does occur.
> Mac OSX is a Mach/BSD hybrid. Wouldn't that enable you
> to use the UNIX version of FrameMaker?
> If not, have you considered Linux?
> --- Paul Findon <pfindon at> wrote:
> > One of our frustrations is
> > that there is no  
> > FrameMaker alternative on the Mac.

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