I can't speak for the whole, but I can for this "Mac fan" and his Doc  
Group. We are currently on Macs despite creating PC software (long  
story, short is we used to be Mac and transitioned our code/product).  
We've kept Docs on the Mac due to legacy docs and ease of use and  
there was no real compelling reason to force a move. Now that we are  
EOL'd by Adobe's lack of support for the Mac we need to look at  
transition options.

Frankly, FrameMaker, as much as I like it, is showing its age and the  
PC version has quirks that are a PITA (fonts, keybd shortcuts ...).  
So, if we need to make a jump, why not look at MadCap and be excited?  
Their workflow seems to be better than our current FM -> WebWorks (we  
use a PC for that).

I know of a few others in similar situations. So, for at least some,  
it is about logic.
Then again, I dare anyone to try and take my G5 from me :-)


On Feb 28, 2007, at 7:59 AM, Art Campbell wrote:

> Paul,
> I think you're breaking the rules of the conversation by applying  
> logic...
> It's not about logic, it's about being a Mac fan.
> Cheers,
> Art

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