On 25 Feb 2007, at 22:02, Dov Isaacs wrote:

> How was that statement "fear, uncertainty, and doubt?"
> I was stating FACT based on having been involved
> personally in or as a direct witness to what was going
> on at the time.

Apple is one of Adobe's competitors. Competitors sometimes engage in  
the art of FUD. Company employees don't normally post information of  
this kind on public mailing lists. I don't know about everyone else,  
but it strikes me as somewhat unusual.


>       - Dov
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>> On 21 Feb 2007, at 19:30, Dov Isaacs wrote:
>>> What is true is that Adobe was certainly NOT going to
>>> drop support for Windows in favour of a MacOS X-only
>>> solution or start developing products exclusively for
>>> MacOS X, a strategy that apparently at least some within
>>> Apple would have liked Adobe to pursue.
>> Can we file this under FUD?
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