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> And I have read enough about FrameMaker on the Mac. We know you're unhappy. 
> Adobe knows you're unhappy. All God's chillun' must know you're unhappy.
> You have expressed your feelings about it quite well enough, thank you. The 
> well-organized Mac lobby has made its positionknown elsewhere as well. There 
> are plenty of venues where you can rattle on about being abandoned by a large 
> corporation that made a perfectly sensible business decision that you 
> disapprove of.
> Feel free to flame me offline, but please stop clogging up thousands of 
> inboxes with the froth from relentlessly flogging this dead horse.
> john

I totally disagree. Adobe is not quite a dead horse, and they needs
some serious flogging -- and advise.
My advise if for them to read Joe Sutter's "747 -- Creating the
World's First Jumbo Jet and Other Adventures from a Life in Aviation".
This is a book about setting your goal, knowing your stuff and
focusing on the project more than how much profit you are going to
make by the end of the year.

I would without a doubt say that FrameMaker could have been their 747.
And it still can. But Adobe must learn to look away from the petty
things, like minor losses in the Mac and *n*x environments and to take
on the world in similar way as Joe Sutter and his collegues did. I
believe Adobe is slowly discovering what they already have in
FrameMaker. They should study it more. I am sure they will find that
they are sitting on a chest of fortune here.
This good a software should be selling on most platforms, also Linux,
just because it is so much faster to work with than the software that
seems to scare Adobe off: TeX/LaTeX! (And now I am flogging them!)


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