Steve Rickaby wrote: 

> I am forced to mix 1-column and 2-column layouts. I cannot 
> use tables, as the existing 1-c material that must go into 
> 2-c already contains tables. 
> As we know from previous discussions here, the column layout 
> is a flow property rather than a page property, so I must use 
> a B flow for the 2-c material.

No, no, no! Room for sideheads is a flow property. But the column layout
is a frame property, and you can change column layout whenever you want
by inserting a new frame and connecting it to the preceding one (select
the preceding frame first, then the new one, and then select Format >
Customize Layout > Connect Text Frames). 

Your page can start 1-column, switch to 2-col in the middle, and then
return to 1-col. It's done all the time. 

HTH, and good luck with the deadline.

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