At 10:14 -0400 13/9/07, Stuart Rogers wrote:

>><Steve wrote> I am still, however, surprised that number streams reset
>>at the start of a flow within the same document, although I suppose
>>it makes some sort of sense.
>It makes a lot of sense if you suppose that the original purpose of multiple 
>flows in a document was to allow FM to emulate a page-layout program in 
>addition to its main use for book production.  Articles laid out in newsletter 
>or magazine style constitute multiple, unrelated flows, and it would make 
>perfect sense to have unrelated numbering streams for them.

Yes, now that I look at it this way, you're right, it does make sense.

Little else has recently: I seem to be in the Project from Hell.

>  When we use multiple flows in a book situation, it's more likely to be as a 
> work-around for some unusual situation, and it's not surprising that the 
> numbering restart doesn't suit; it wasn't designed for that use.
>Don't let Frame's numbering get you "steamed"; remember, you could be working 
>in MS Word! <extended derisive laughter>  :-)

There are always small mercies to be thankful for. And big ones too.


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