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> Hello Peter
> >Have you looked into:
> >
> >* Text insets for the two-column pieces - number streams increment
> No. Neat idea - I will. Let me understand what you are suggesting - set
> 2-c material as 2-c in FrameMaker docs and then inset into 1-c layout?

Yes. Try a small example. You can either create whole FM files as 2-c, and
import as one inset, or create  several differently-tagged flows in one FM
document and import by flow name. Inset numbering should respect stream
identifiers (T:, F:, etc)  and incrementing counters ( <n+>), as well as
counters in the form of <n=#>, where # is a number.

Or something else?

>* Two-column layout everywhere, with across-all column paragraph formats
> for one-column layout
> That's been suggested, but I don't see how to mix the 1-c, which uses
> sidehead space, with the 2-c, which does not. Seems to me that
> FrameMaker  para designer would need an 'across side heads but not across
> all columns' option, which it does not have.

I'm not clear; are you trying to insert two-column layouts into the sidehead
space, not across the full text-frame width? If so, try importing the insets
into a side-head paragraph.

Perhaps the reverse approach might be worth trying - import the
single-column layouts into a two-column document.



Peter Gold
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Sarah O'Keefe suggested a hack for this, but I've not managed to understand
> it yet. [Have been working on this book for 21 days without a break: blood
> on the walls.]

> Steve

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