At 11:20 -0400 12/9/07, Stuart Rogers wrote:

>Steve Rickaby wrote:
>>I am forced to mix 1-column and 2-column layouts. I cannot use
>>tables, as the existing 1-c material that must go into 2-c already
>>contains tables.
>>As we know from previous discussions here, the column layout is a
>>flow property rather than a page property, so I must use a B flow for
>>the 2-c material.
>Someone else has already corrected you on the second point, which is your 
>proper solution.  But I'll add that your first point is also not correct:  you 
>can put tables inside tables (by first inserting an anchored frame in a cell, 
>then adding a text frame inside that to hold the inner table).

Yes Gods, will wonders never cease? A table in a table? Think infinite 
recursion and Mandelbrot sets!

[Sorry: slightly light-headed here]

>PS: was that a Freudian slip in the subject line?  ;-)

Oh, quite probably.

Steve [does 'doubly wrong' make 'right'?]

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