At 13:13 +0100 12/9/07, Steve Rickaby wrote:

>As we know from previous discussions here, the column layout is a flow 
>property rather than a page property, so I must use a B flow for the 2-c 
>My question is, is there any way of preventing numbering streams from 
>restarting when the flow changes within a document? I'm a bit surprised to see 
>that FrameMaker views numbering streams as local to flows rather than global 
>to a document, but this is the case: if numbering is set at book level to 
>restart per-document, it also seems to restart for a new flow within that 

My grateful thanks to Sarah O'Keefe, Peter 'KnowHowPro' and Richard Combs for 
help with this. As I now know, my assertion above that 'the column layout is a 
flow property rather than a page property' is incorrect, and therefore there is 
no need to use multiple flows, and the numbering problem goes away. For 
reference, the presence or absence of a side-head margin [although not, 
apparently, its dimensions] *is* a flow property, but the column layout is a 
frame property.

I plead ignorance because in my usual work the only time I go multi-column is 
for an entire document, such as an index, with no side heads. I am still, 
however, surprised that number streams reset at the start of a flow within the 
same document, although I suppose it makes some sort of sense.


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