Steve Rickaby wrote:
> I am still, however, surprised that number streams reset
> at the start of a flow within the same document, although I suppose
> it makes some sort of sense.

It makes a lot of sense if you suppose that the original purpose of 
multiple flows in a document was to allow FM to emulate a page-layout 
program in addition to its main use for book production.  Articles laid 
out in newsletter or magazine style constitute multiple, unrelated 
flows, and it would make perfect sense to have unrelated numbering 
streams for them.  When we use multiple flows in a book situation, it's 
more likely to be as a work-around for some unusual situation, and it's 
not surprising that the numbering restart doesn't suit; it wasn't 
designed for that use.

Don't let Frame's numbering get you "steamed"; remember, you could be 
working in MS Word! <extended derisive laughter>  :-)

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