I believe I know the answer to this already, but wanted to confirm with
folks here.

FM 7.2 (Structured) and Acrobat 7 Pro on Windows XP, both up-to-date on
PDF's are generated by printing to the Adobe PDF virtual printer

I have an issue where information must appear at the original native
size even when printed, yet many reader's copy of the viewer will scale
the page when actually printing it.  I know that I can tell the
recipients to change the print option in their copy to not scale or
center the pages, but I would love to avoid that necessity if at all

Is there any way to set options for printing the resulting PDF in what I
create, either from FM or in Acrobat before I share the PDF with the
reviewers and end users ?  

Any advice or solutions will be greatly appreciated.

- Lester 
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