Japanese might work.. I could then run it through Babel fish and paste
it too a word document.

I found a work around... Thanks all for the suggestions and I think I
edumacated some higher ups at the same time.


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I agree with those who suggest saving as RTF - however, when I've done
this (with FrameMaker 7.0 and 7.2), I've had the best results saving as
RTF Japanese.

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>  I have a small set of documents that I wish to convert to Microsoft 
> Word format. They are work instructions with graphics attached - no 
> external links. I have tried the Save as technique and it just locks 
> up Framemaker.
> Short of retyping the documents does anybody know of a way to convert 
> them to MS Word. We are not allowed to purchase outside software or 
> plugins to make the process easier.
> \God forbid we do something that makes us more efficient. 
> That's sarcasm.
> Frank

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