Interesting. I'm on 22 different email lists, and this is the only one 
with that particular behavior that I'm aware of. As I mostly lurk, the 
issue has never come up for me before.


Fred Ridder wrote:
> Paul Findon wrote (in part):
>> Hedley is not asking for a "reply-to-all." What he, I and, no doubt, 
>> others want is "reply-to-list." In other words, when you click your 
>> Reply button, by default, messages are addressed to the list.
>> I've been using lists since 1993 and running several since 1996, and 
>> Framers is the only list I've ever come across that works this way. 
>> Replying to list messages should be simple - click Reply and the 
>> addressing is done. The current setup is cumbersome and has tripped 
>> many of us up. If someone wants to reply privately, they will 
>> naturally be more careful and double-check the To address.
> FWIW, I currently subscribe to 7 or 8 mailing lists (a couple of them 
> basically inactive), and all of them work the same way as Framers. 
> Reply goes just to the poster; Reply All goes to the list and the 
> poster and anyone cc'ed by the poster. It would drive me a little 
> crazy(er) if Framers behaved differently than the other lists.
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