Daniel Frankham wrote: 

> I agree with those who suggest saving as RTF - however, when I've done
> this (with FrameMaker 7.0 and 7.2), I've had the best results saving
> RTF Japanese.

Dodd, Frank J replied:

> Japanese might work.. I could then run it through Babel fish and paste
> it too a word document.

Umm, no... that's not how it works. For several versions of FM, the RTF
Japanese filters (both import and export, I believe) came from a
different vendor than the regular RTF filters and were much more robust.

File imports/exports that failed or gave poor results using the regular
RTF filters would often work much better using the RTF Japanese filters

The RTF Japanese filters handle Western characters just fine. They
certainly don't translate your document into Japanese. :-) 


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