The name "Microsoft Word 2007" is confusing me a bit on this. Does the
filter work on older RTF-based formats for Word, or does it rely on the
XML-based formats in Word 2003 and 2007?


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What version of FM are you using, and how "small" is this set of

It is well known that all of the FM to RTF filters in FM up to version
7.2 do not work very well, especially on large files.  I have
successfully converted small files (2-5 pages) but even those needed

HOWEVER.... Adobe hase considerably improved the FM > Word filter in
It's not perfect but it does work pretty well.  Adobe has also included
a new Word > FM filter that works really well.  I use it all the time
because we get a lot of our source information froim the engineers in
Word.  This new filter, called Microsoft Word 2007, cleanly converts
text, tables, and even graphics from Word to FM.  I have run it on 80
page Word docs with lots of tables and graphics.  The conversion takes
about 3 minutes.


PS - I cannot believe that Boeing won't spend all of $300 for Mif2Go
(www.omsys.com). It would cost them less for that than it would for your
time to do the job by hand.


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