I suspect for less than that upgrade to ePubPro you can get the full
Technical Communication Suite, and have Captivate & Acrobat 9 Pro Extended
to boot.

The TCS integration was developed to handle your Frame files by reference, &
easily handles your variables and conditions as defined in Frame.

Look for lots of help here and in the Adobe User Forums for specifics on how
to map your Frame components to appropriate RoboHelp components.

As with any change in workflow, the initial mappings and conversion take
some time, but are wonderful once completed.

If you need help easing the transition, I'm available for training and
conversion work.

-Matt Sullivan

GRAFIX Training, Inc.

An Adobe Authorized Training Center


888 882-2819

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Hi Framaniacs ;)

I generate 10+ manuals from FrameMaker 7.2 into PDFs, with extensive
single sourcing material. Currently, I've been using WebWorks ePublisher
Pro 9.1 (I just did an old maintenance upgrade to 9.2, actually) to
generate several thousand help pages (between different

I just received an offer from ePublisher Pro to upgrade to their 2008.2
(9.5) edition for the cost of software maintenance, since I'm on an
unsupported (old) version. Primarily I'm wondering:

- Do other writers with similar publishing needs consider ePubPro a
competitive product?
- Have other products sharpened their competitive edge since our last
tool decision (a few years ago)? For instance, comparisons with MadCap
or Flare?

In considering a new product, I know immediately I value the following:

- Dynamic connection with FrameMaker documents (ability to rescan/update
files in help project file)
- Ability to set variables and conditions or pass them through from the
document, in a user-friendly manner, when building the help

Thanks for any "help" on the help anyone has time to give!

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