Hi Pat,

For the most part, I agree with your rant. I got off the Webworks train 
years ago because I couldn't afford to keep up with each new version and 
upgrade. As a consultant, there is only so much software I can buy without 
regular paying jobs to support it. Omsys, makers of MIF2Go, are very 
generous with consultants, probably because we are more inclined to 
recommend their product if they keep us in the loop. And their support is 
unparalleled in the software world.

I think you contradicted yourself a bit when you said, "But I'd be willing 
to bet that if you keep track of your hours learning mif2go versus epub, the 
cost difference would be negligible." After all, you wasted an entire day 
trying to get it installed, none of their support is free, documentation is 
lousy, and there is no discounted upgrade path. And the cost of entry is 
much higher to start with. Even with the intial setup, MIF2Go is a much 
better value, in my opinion.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc

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