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>- Have other products sharpened their competitive edge since our last
>tool decision (a few years ago)? For instance, comparisons with MadCap
>or Flare?
>In considering a new product, I know immediately I value the following:
>- Dynamic connection with FrameMaker documents (ability to rescan/update
>files in help project file)
>- Ability to set variables and conditions or pass them through from the
>document, in a user-friendly manner, when building the help

You might look at Mif2Go, if you haven't lately.  It does both of
those things, and in fact everything that ePP does with FrameMaker,
and more.  (ePP can also process other XML sources, and Word source 
docs, which Mif2Go does not; we're FrameMaker-only).  Mif2Go is also 
a lot more affordable, way faster, and we think produces better output.
Try the free unlimited demo, and see for yourself:

>Thanks for any "help" on the help anyone has time to give!


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