Sincere thanks to everyone who's responded to this, and particularly Baruch and 
Philippe, who got there just ahead of me.

Eliminate one thing at a time... The only unusual thing about this file for me 
is that it uses a new - to this site - font, Sabon. I purchased Sabon MT from as a PostScript Type 1 and installed it in Classic as normal.

Changing all the Sabon in the test file to Times causes the file to distill as 
expected. I tried this again with Officina Serif, and the same results. 

Sabon MT is a brand new font, so no possibility of corruption, surely?

I will take this up with Monotype support, but if anyone has an idea as to what 
might be happening I'd be glad to hear. I have never seen this problem caused 
by a font in, oh, er... eighteen years of using FrameMaker.

Philippe: I don't have the option of using another font, sadly - the designs 
are dictated by the publishers.


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