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>Now more technically, to use a new font with the Distiller you need it to be 
>found by Acrobat in its Font Watched Folder. Maybe you could solve your 
>problem by just adding a copy (or a shortcut) of your original Monotype Fonts 
>in that folder (Parameters Tab, Font Folder - or CTRL+L).

All the fonts are in the Classic fonts folder, and this is referenced in 
Distiller. Distiller is 'seeing' the font ok, it's just something about the 
font  that is causing it to crash.

Monotype tech support have accepted this and are looking into it. (Linotype is 
now owned by Monotype).

I appreciate that the same font is often available from different suppliers, 
and that this can sometimes cause problems, It certainly has caused me problems 
in the past, in my case with multiple but incompatible versions of Frutiger. 
However, in the case the font and foundry are specified by the publisher.


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