It was a bad font... this from MonoType:

>I had one of our type engineers review it and it appears that we had
>updated this font back in 2006 but for whatever reason the data has not
>been updated on the website? So not only has the font data been rebuilt,
>it has been updated.
>The original reason for the fix was to do with Adobe InDesign and how it
>picks up the name to display the font. InDesign was not displaying the
>font correctly and it could not print it. Based on that Distiller may
>also have issues ripping the data due to the old naming method.
>I have also forwarded the data onto my colleagues in the US to update
>the website.

However, in the plethora of font cache cleaning and PRAM zapping that has been 
going on here today, Distiller has somehow caught my cold. Now, for any Ps file 
(*not* specific to Sabon), it crashes - which it has *never* done before - 
while saving the PDF after distillation. This problem definitely did not exist 

And, to make it even weirder, it only does this for some job options and not 
others. For example:

Standard: crashes

Smallest file size: crashes

Press: crashes

High quality: crashes

PDFX-1a: creates PDF ok

PDFX-3: creates PDF ok

Publisher's custom joboptions: creates PDF ok

Any theme here?


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