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>Now, after wasting damn near a whole day on this, I get to start all
>friggin' over again - on hold, getting transferred.  God help me, if I had
>another choice that was economically feasible for me at this point, I would
>so go there but OLH like NOW was a must for several clients and WWP is not
>feasible and RH8 was the version available for me now - I had no other older
>versions of RH in my stash!

Um, Tammy?  Would a *free* copy of Mif2Go be economically feasible?
I can guarantee no waits on hold for support...  ;-)  Also there 
are no license server issues; we use the Honor System instead.
It works for us, and doesn't cripple our customers.  Ever.

Mif2Go doesn't do PDF, but there are plenty of non-Adobe apps
that do.  We've heard good things about NitroPDF, for example:
Not free, the Pro version is $99.  Also look at Tracker:
We use their free viewer in preference to Adobe's.  Not as much
of a memory hog.


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