I wrote software reviews for Nextworld back in those days, and I don't
recall any printed documentation. The documentation for the operating
system, FrameMaker, etc. was all on disk. If you rummage around in the
FrameMaker directories, you should find it somewhere.

Next's own docs are online: http://www.nextcomputers.org/NeXTfiles/Docs/

NextStep is still in development. The latest release is MacOS 10.15.

On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 8:53 AM Klaus Daube <kl...@daube.ch> wrote:
> Dear friends
> I got the following mail (see the original at the end):
> > My name is Dr Ralf Alexander Kohler and by chance I visited your website.
> > Although, technically, it wasn't a coincidence at all, because I was 
> > searching
> > the Internet for documentation for FrameMaker 3.2  20 years ago I bought a
> > NextStation with Framemaker 3.2 installed. The plan at the time was to use 
> > it to
> > write my dissertation. Unfortunately, the computer broke down and I had to
> > switch to Linux/Latex. But now I have succeeded to build a Next computer
> > emulation with the exact working environment I had back then. While it's not
> > more than just a gimmick, I still would like to continue using FrameMaker. 
> > Now
> > my question: Do you happen to know if there is any documentation for 
> > NextStation
> > at all? And if so, how can I get it? I only found documentation for FM 
> > version
> > 5.0 on the net, but not anything to Next Computer. I would be very 
> > interested in
> > your answer.

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