I'm pretty sure FrameMaker 3.0 will work only with legacy fonts.

If you like NextStep, you ought to like OS X / MacOS. It's a direct
descendant and quite recognizable as such. Lots of scorewriter / music
notation software.

My main problem with NextStep is that I had to use the mouse for
everything. It felt like their design guideline was "never type when
you can click, never click when you can click and drag." Using the
mouse so much gave me a bone spur that messed up my rotator cuff.

On Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 3:18 AM Ralf Kohler <r.a.koh...@gmail.com> wrote:
... By the way, I really want to work with it, so it's not pure
nostalgia. During the covid-19 lockdown I have sketched a music theory
book which I would like to develop now further in the next month to
come. I still use NextSTEP to this day because I still consider the
GUI to be unsurpassed in its simplicity and functionality.

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