There was an external SCSI CD-ROM drive later on.

On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 5:01 PM Fred Ridder <> wrote:
> Actually, the original NeXT computer was designed before CD-ROM was 
> standardized. The so-called Yellow Book that contained the CD-ROM standards 
> was published in 1988, the same year that the NeXT was introduced. Instead, 
> the original NeXT computer came with a magneto-optical disc drive that used 
> removable disc cartridges as both the primary storage and the external media 
> device while a magnetic hard drive was an option.
> In 1990, the second generation NeXT -- the one that was officially named the 
> NeXTcube -- dropped the MO drive in favor of a conventional hard disc as the 
> primary storage. A 3.5" HD floppy drive was available as an option and every 
> cube I saw was fitted with one. The NeXTstation (the pizza box) came with a 
> 3.5" floppy standard.

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