Dear List,

Klaus Daube was so friendly to pass on my question. So far I am very grateful 
for the feedback. It helped me formulate my question more concisely: I am 
looking for the two tutorials “Learning FrameMaker” and “Using FrameMaker”. 
Both have been published by 
Frame Technology in 1989. From what I can see looking in the world cat 
database, there has been a general UNIX edition but not a specific NeXTSTEP 
one. Is that correct, or does anybody remember otherwise? I will try to get 
this issue through interlibrary loan in my local library. But if someone 
happens to have an e-book, I would be very grateful if I could borrow it. By 
the way, I really want to work with it, so it's not pure nostalgia. During the 
covid-19 lockdown I have sketched a music theory book which I would like to 
develop now further in the next month to come. I still use NextSTEP to this day 
because I still consider the GUI to be unsurpassed in its simplicity and 



> On 16. Jun 2020, at 02:07, Robert Lauriston <> wrote:
> There was an external SCSI CD-ROM drive later on.
> On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 5:01 PM Fred Ridder <> wrote:
>> Actually, the original NeXT computer was designed before CD-ROM was 
>> standardized. The so-called Yellow Book that contained the CD-ROM standards 
>> was published in 1988, the same year that the NeXT was introduced. Instead, 
>> the original NeXT computer came with a magneto-optical disc drive that used 
>> removable disc cartridges as both the primary storage and the external media 
>> device while a magnetic hard drive was an option.
>> In 1990, the second generation NeXT -- the one that was officially named the 
>> NeXTcube -- dropped the MO drive in favor of a conventional hard disc as the 
>> primary storage. A 3.5" HD floppy drive was available as an option and every 
>> cube I saw was fitted with one. The NeXTstation (the pizza box) came with a 
>> 3.5" floppy standard.


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