Well, Huh! <wry smile>

Guess my memory isn't all that reliable. I had it in my head that the NeXT only had a CDROM drive for external media.

Thanks for this, Robert.

On 6/15/20 2:16 PM, Robert Lauriston wrote:
FM3 for NextStep came on five floppy disks.


On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 12:39 PM Grant Hogarth <gr...@hedgewizard.net> wrote:
As one of the writers who wrote the documentation for that generation of
FM (Chris Despopoulos was part of that crew), I recall that most of the
documentation was included on the delivery media (for NeXT, that would
have been a CD). Unfortunately, I don't have (that I know of), a copy
any more. As Robert Lauriston notes, that documentation should be in the
FrameMaker directories (under "Manuals", as I recall).

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