Alec Mitchell wrote:
On 4/3/07, Martin Aspeli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Wichert Akkerman wrote:
    - Wicked
        - Needs to use createObject?type_name=Document — the way it is
          set up now, anything spidering the site with credentials will
          create objects, and any object clicked will create objects
          (this change will make it invoke portal_factory)
Hasn't happened.
Am I right in thinking this should be considered a seriousish bug?

I don't see why this should be considered any better/worse than the
content add menu which uses the exact same links and will be shown on
all such pages as well.  From a spiders point of view, it's not
different, AFAIK.  Not that this isn't an important issue, but we've
lived with it for a long time.

True. So what's it using now? In any case, if it's not using createObject it probably should (if feasible) just to standardise on that API.

Note that the add menu can make use of z3 add views now. I don't think there's an immediate need for wicked to do the same, but if it uses createObject, then we could make createObject support addviews as well in the future, again through a common interface.


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