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Alec Mitchell wrote:
I don't see why this should be considered any better/worse than the
content add menu which uses the exact same links and will be shown on
all such pages as well.  From a spiders point of view, it's not
different, AFAIK.  Not that this isn't an important issue, but we've
lived with it for a long time.

Forget the spidering comment, that was just an additional concern. The real issue here is that people get "dead content objects" since it doesn't use portal_factory. It's Plone 1.0/2.0 all over again.

this is like 3-4 line fix unless you wanted to create a proper add view
(ie less effort than has been expended in writing emails about it).
might have time this weekend to do it.

Why not just link to the same adding method as Plone uses instead of the old-style adding method? That way, portal_factory is used, and everyone is happy.

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