On 01/13/2012 01:23 PM, Ben Finney wrote:
> Bianca Gibson
> <bianca.rachel.gib...@gmail.com> writes:
>> I agree there. To me, were a lot of groups tend to fall short is
>> including women or other minorities in the group without making us
>> feel like the odd one out. Very similar stuff can be said for age,
>> someone I know that is male and went to his first LUG at 15 felt like
>> the odd one out, the next youngest person was 21 and he found it
>> daunting.
> Here is a relevant article, on the experiences of women and the sexism
> they encounter in what may be today's most-respected scientific project
> <URL:http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/cocktail-party-physics/2011/07/20/is-it-cold-in-here/>.
> As that article explores, sexism in such environments is less often
> overt harrassment, and much more often an atmosphere of being treated as
> strange and otherly, in somewhat contradictory juxtaposition with a
> plaintive why-can't-we-treat-them-like-the-boys attitude.
>> If I'm complemented like the example I don't take it in a bad way, to
>> me it's just a complement.
> Thanks for that perspective.
> I must make conscious effort to give that account more weight than my
> internal imaginings of “how would I feel if everything else was the same
> but I was a woman”. That can't apply: if I were a woman, *huge swaths*
> of my upbringing would have been quite different, and “if everything
> else was the same” would not be the case.
> So, as is the case far more often than we might like to admit: it's not
> about me. I have to listen to others describe their experiences, and
> suspend my own bafflement at not being able to empathise completely.

With all due respect, I think these articles which talk about sexism and
racism still existing in some 'underlying' manner are nothing more than
puff pieces designed to justify the livelihoods of people who making a
living combating this.

By maintaining there is a problem, you can then still rely on money
coming in to 'fight it'.  I will bet London to a brick on the fact that
as long as someone will get published, paid or recognised for this sort
of thing, there will be people writing about how we still got a bit of a
way to go.

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