> With all due respect, I think these articles which talk about sexism and
> racism still existing in some 'underlying' manner are nothing more than
> puff pieces designed to justify the livelihoods of people who making a
> living combating this.
> By maintaining there is a problem, you can then still rely on money
> coming in to 'fight it'.  I will bet London to a brick on the fact that
> as long as someone will get published, paid or recognised for this sort
> of thing, there will be people writing about how we still got a bit of a
> way to go.

There may be some truth to that, but there is no doubt that racism and
sexism are still problems, at least in some (I would suggest, many)
communities. You seem to be implying that someone got paid to write that
article. I had assumed it was just a disgruntled member of the free
software community who spent some time writing down their thoughts. There
doesn't have to be an ulterior motive to everything.
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