Hello there,

I have the competence to work on breaking the xb360 security system, but I am just lurking on this list and haven't really considdering puting my own effort into understanding and cracking the box. I have a question though to the wise fellows in possession of the mighty force.

I have just quessed my way to how things are tied together here, but as I understand, all code is read encrpyted and decrypted totally withing the CPU with the actual decryption algorithms and keys within the memory of the CPU itself. Please correct me if Im wrong, Id guess others would like to have some insight aswell if someone knows for sure. Anyways, the encrypted data is obviously streamed trough the CPU and leaves the CPU decrypted at the same ratio as it enters. Both of these streams can be intercepted and analyzed. From my own experience with cryptography I know its a bitch to decipher modern crypthograpy systems, obviously. However, having both the encrypted and the decrypted data helps a lot. Could someone with more experience on the specifics please share some thought on this. What efforts would be needed if realistically possible at all to find the keys having both sets of data.


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