<snip author='Srinivas A' date='24.01.00'>
>       Freeamp stops once it played the first song. it  is
>   not moving to the second song unless I explcitly
>       next song button.
>       Did anybody experienced this problem.

Indeed, I've been having this problem too.  It first cropped
up when I started using the betas for v2.  Never got around to
finding out what was causing it.  I have noticed that it does
not happen for evey track, just most (although it is consistent
for each track: either it will go on to the next track every
time or it won't).  I don't understand why its behaviour should 
vary from track to track like this since the tracks I listen to
are almost exclusively ripped by me using the same software and
bit-rates for my own use.  Hmm.


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