In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Mike Smith writes:
>> So I still stick with my statement that the -current bootblocks/loader
>> doesn't have the computrons needed to use the ad device (or any non
>> wd/da/fd device for that matter) for anything usefull :)
>The loader is fine; the problem is just that Poul never finished fixing 
>the mountroot code.  All the loader does is read /etc/fstab and pass in 
>the entry for /.  It's up to the kernel to work it out from there, and 
>that's where it's falling down.

Excuse me!  I fixed boot -a, and you came rushing in and said that
the boot code could use the same thing, so obviously I expected
you to do that, since the boot code is your baby...

I don't even know where to look for the cookies left by the bootcode...

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