Richard Wackerbarth wrote:
> You are correct that I "haven't proven" yet. Much of this is because the 
> audience doesn't relate to the problem because they don't see themselves 
> directly impacted by it. However, they are paying for it every time they use 
> cvsup or cvs.

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

> That's the trouble with this developer community. They see EVERYTHING as 
> WRITING CODE and "adding on". This is not about writing code. The code 
> already exists. I am just advocating using it in a different way.

_What_ code, Richard?  All you've done in this whole ridiculous thread is
spout generalities and generally attack -core.

> As for the actual "doing", I'm quite willing to do to actual "legwork" that 
> results from the change. But the change is a fundamental change in the way 
> the organization "does business". Unless the organization makes a change,
> there is nothing to do.

This is a cop-out.  Define your "different way."  If it takes code to do
it, write the code, even if that's just shell scripts.  Set up a prototype
that's publically visible.  Prove your point, don't just argue.

> I think that it is just a matter of time until the matter gets raised by yet 
> another person as the underlying problem gets more acute. 

You haven't even proven that there _is_ an "underlying problem."  As far as
_I'm_ concerned, there _isn't_, and I keep a full repository just for the
convenience of having it local.

> I'll sit back and wait...

Uh, huh.  Cop out.  Business as usual for you, Richard, from what I have
seen in the past.

It's simple:  Put up or shut up.

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