On 26-Apr-00 Richard Wackerbarth wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Apr 2000, you wrote:
>>      Any further discussion from you on this point that doesn't include code
>> is totally and completely without value. You haven't proven the value of
>> your suggestion to _anyone's_ satisfaction, so no one is going to do it
>> for you. So if you're not willing to actually do it, please let it drop.
> You are correct that I "haven't proven" yet. Much of this is because the 
> audience doesn't relate to the problem because they don't see themselves 
> directly impacted by it. However, they are paying for it every time they use 
> cvsup or cvs.

*Bzzzt*.  Wrong.  You only get the old history during the intial cvsup.  And
since the most recent revisions are stored at the beginning of an RCS file,
you don't pay for this on cvs operations except for 'cvs log' and other
operations dealing with the history.  Good grief, at least get your facts
straight before blathering on.

> That's the trouble with this developer community. They see EVERYTHING as 
> WRITING CODE and "adding on". This is not about writing code. The code 
> already exists. I am just advocating using it in a different way.

No, we just don't do things that we feel are beneficial just because one
person is jumping up and down yelling for it.  If you want it done, do it
yourself, basically.  That's why the ports I have committed so far are in
the tree.  I wanted a port of some program, it wasn't in the tree, so I
made it myself, and when I was done I committed it so everyone else could
have the option of playing with it.  Welcome to a volunteer project.


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