On Wed, 26 Apr 2000, you wrote:

> *Bzzzt*.  Wrong.  You only get the old history during the intial cvsup. 
> And since the most recent revisions are stored at the beginning of an RCS
> file, you don't pay for this on cvs operations except for 'cvs log' and
> other operations dealing with the history.  Good grief, at least get your
> facts straight before blathering on.

I suggest that YOU get your facts straight.

1) Only the head changes are written at the top of the file. For other 
branches, cvs has to track down to the branch point and then back out the 
branch. At each step, it must apply the "patch" that represents the 
difference in the two versions.
2) I have seen routines that append to the end of a file. However, if I 
insert at the front, I must copy the entire file.

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