In servalan.mailinglist.fbsd-current Brad Knowles writes:
>       Besides, don't we use gcc as the system-standard compiler, and 
>doesn't this likewise infect everything compiled on FreeBSD with the 

No, because none of the gcc code appears in the resulting binary.  The
binary does include the "libgcc" code, but that code is specifically
exempted from the GPL.   Programs that link against the Berkeley DB 2.x
library, however, will end up including the DB code, and thus end up
including code covered by the 2.x licence. 

[Note: of course, if you link against a shared library, the actual code
from the library doesn't appear in your binary.  It seems to be the general
consensus opinion that the courts would treat this the same as the static
linking case, i.e. your binary would be covered under the licence "as if" you
had statically linked against the relevant library, but I don't know if this
has ever been tested in court anywhere.  If you're in a situation where the
legalities really matter, you should probably ask a real lawyer instead of
relying on the semi-informed opinion of people posting to mailing lists.]

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