> >  Sleepycats license is not FreeBSD compatible :-/
>       I don't understand.  Reading 
> <http://www.sleepycat.com/license.net>, it seems to me that FreeBSD 
> meets all the necessary requirements.  Can someone who understands 
> the details of the licensing issues either explain the situation to 
> me, or provide pointers to references that do?

Sure, I built a commercial application on FreeBSD.  It looked up
usernames (which use DB routines).  Therefore, according to the
licensing scheme, I must now give away the entire source code to my
commercial application.

Second issue.  I use FreeBSD in an embedded system.  In order to not
*have* to distribute source code to my application, it's in my best
interest to strip out any GNU and similar code from the system before I
'ship' it.  (Which allows me to ship binaries to make the distribution
of my product easier).  However, I'm not using the newer DB routines, so
I must now provide source code to *everything*, and pointing to the
FreeBSD site is not adequate, because there are no time limitations, and
FreeBSD might yank the distribution on their site before a customer
stops using my hardware.

Is that easier?


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