At 1:16 PM +0200 2000/5/2, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

>  Sleepycats license is not FreeBSD compatible :-/

        I don't understand.  Reading 
<>, it seems to me that FreeBSD 
meets all the necessary requirements.  Can someone who understands 
the details of the licensing issues either explain the situation to 
me, or provide pointers to references that do?

        I mean, I found 
db/text/1999/freebsd-current/19990607.freebsd-current> and 
b/text/1999/freebsd-current/19990607.freebsd-current>, but I must be 
missing something because I still don't understand how it is "worse 
than the GPL" or why it would require "publication of sources to all 
binaries linked against libc".

        Technical issues I can understand, but I just don't get this 
licensing issue. [0]

>>      Out of curiosity, is there a public list of all the people who
>>have commit access to FreeBSD?
>  Yes, it's in the CVS tree in the file CVSROOT/access and in the
>  Handbook as well.

        Is there a version online that is actually kept up-to-date?  I 
only count fifteen names at 
<>, 178 names at 
<>, and nine 
unique names at <>.  I 
was under the impression that there are well over 200 people that 
currently have commit access?

        Hmm.  Looking at 
=1.1&r2=text&tr2=1.147&f=c>, it looks to me like maybe there are only 
199 current committers, although this number seems to slightly 
disagree with what I counted above, unless there are additional 
duplicates on those separate lists that I failed to eliminate.  Hmm.

        I don't suppose we could get a link to this page from the 
handbook, could we?  If I can figure out a better way to list all 
these names and to break them up into the appropriate groups, I'll 
submit a PR.

[0] On a side note, can anyone tell me why the search interface on 
the FreeBSD web site is showing messages such as 
l/www/db/text/1999/freebsd-current/19990607.freebsd-current> that 
have a date/time stamp of "Sat, 15 May 1999 03:09:28 +0400" to 
instead have "Score: 1204; Lines: 47; 20-Jan-1998; Archive: 
freebsd-current" in the summary response to the search?

How about 
which has a date/time stamp of "Thu, 3 Feb 2000 09:35:19 -0600" but 
shows up in the summary response as having "Score: 1305; Lines: 43; 
18-Dec-1996; Archive: freebsd-questions"?

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