At 1:05 PM +0200 5/2/00, Brad Knowles wrote:
>       A thread on got me checking into this,
>and now I've gotten very curious.  From what I can determine, it
>looks like what is integrated into FreeBSD is Berkeley db 1.85
>(in /usr/src/libc/db), although there is a port for 2.7.7 in 

If this is an issue for some nntp software, perhaps that port (the
freebsd 'port collection' port...) should build and use the newer
version of db?  Would that help whatever issue got you interested
in this?

>       Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that db 1.85
>is pretty widely known to be broken in a number of ways (see 

Let us assume for the moment that the licensing issues mean that
freebsd can't include the newer versions of Berkley db in the
main system.  Should we consider fixing a few of the nastier
problems in 1.85? (whatever those would be...).  Or does trying
to fix those open a different can of worms?

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